NYC, 1990

September 21, 2006

Have I told you all about my little bus experience?

Very fun (in a macabre way)

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Fans of musicals take less drugs

September 14, 2006

…says the BBC.

From BBC News:
Music taste ‘linked to drug use’

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September 13, 2006

The Invisible Man is The Ward Organist
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Church Talk, This Sunday

September 12, 2006

TIM is giving a talk this coming Sunday. He found the one he gave before, and it was dated 1996. So, with a little updating, it’s posted here. If you all have any ideas of scriptures, or whatever, to improve it, feel free. Those of you in my ward who read it are unofficially released from attending this week!
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TIM is a nice person, who loves children

September 11, 2006

Two different blog posts,, and, have prompted this defensive post from TIM.

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A short memoir of 9/11

September 11, 2006

(Originally sent in an email to friends and family, 9/11/02)


I think it would be nice to memorialize the events of September 11, by sharing our personal experiences. Here’s mine.

I was on the subway going to work. I live at 112th Street, and my office is on 22nd Street, so I only use one subway, the #1, going from the 110th Street Station to the 23rd Street Station.

On this particular day, the subway stopped at Times Square (42nd Street) and an announcement was made, no downtown service. As we left the car, I overheard someone say that an airplane had hit the World Trade Center, and it was an attack on our country. Some people laughed, and I laughed, because it was absurd.

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September 10, 2006

Historically, TIM has had to remove all his clothes to achieve ultimate invisibility. This can have its drawbacks, though, particularly when living in a big city like New York. It’s cold and rainy here, and there are plenty of sharp objects on the sidewalks. Plus, it’s very hard to navigate the city without one’s glasses — one of TIM’s big hangups is that he’s practically blind without them.

But in 2006, TIM has discovered a way to be completely anonymous, yet fully and modestly clothed. He can walk around the city, or anywhere, without being slightly noticed. His style, called TIMStyle, is carefully designed and considered so that it’s the equivalent of no style at all.

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